Nutrition & Wellness

One of my goals for Feast of Green is that it is a place where you can come to feel inspired to eat and live in a healthy way. Many recipe posts contain information regarding the health benefits of ingredients, how to purchase products or ingredients, and the rationale for using unconventional ingredients (e.g. nut flours in place of wheat). Though I do not strictly prescribe to any diet dogma on the site, my hope is to provide readers with balanced information to make decisions for their own health.

I occasionally write entirely health focused posts. Click through for all Feast of Green articles related to Nutrition & Wellness.

I am a registered dietitian/nutritionist and take private clients, whom I see remotely (via video chat), to aid in general wellness, fertility, pre and postnatal nutrition, cancer-survivorship, and weight management. Appointments range from 20 minute one-off sessions to those that are in-depth and ongoing. For more information and to contact me, click to the Work with Me page.