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Are you ready to feel confident, nourished, and free of food anxiety?  


Are you tired of stressing over what’s on your plate and ready to finally make peace with food?


Have you tried every fad diet out there—with disappointing results?


Are you overwhelmed by the ever-changing list of 'bad' foods you're supposed to avoid?


Do you want to remodel your body image and relationship with food and movement, while feeling comfortable in your own skin?


Are you ready to stop fixating on food and find empowerment and fun in eating?


Are you ready to free up headspace, have more energy, and cultivate more joy in your life?

If you’re done obsessing over food and want to feel at home in your body, I want you to know that you can.

Hello! I’m Alexandra.

When diet and body image isn’t the center struggle of your life, I want to know, what freedom is waiting for you?

I want you to see yourself beyond your weight and size. I want you to free up headspace, have more energy, and feel joy around food. Most of all, I want you to be able to connect with your true passions – fully and without holding back. 

I work with women specifically, because I know how the seemingly endless pressure to lose weight or be in a thinner body can hurt your ability to find true health and happiness. I believe you deserve better.

Through individualized nutrition and lifestyle coaching that dives deeper than an ‘eat-this-not-that’ approach, I help women remodel their self image, relationship with food, and thoughts around movement, so they can fully nourish their mind, body, and spirit while cultivating a joyful life.

Let’s get started!

Here’s How it Works


1. Schedule a Call

I’ll listen—without judgment—and make sure I understand your unique health needs and lifestyle goals.


2. Get a Personalized Plan

I’ll coach you through subtle, sustainable changes that bring real results—for good.


3. Feel Confident!

When you make the best choices for your health, you’ll finally feel comfortable and empowered in your own body.

Lifestyle plans for every body.

My comprehensive approach focuses on moving away from restrictive thoughts or behaviors (i.e. diet culture) to a mindset of abundance – “Am I getting enough to nourish my body and fuel my activities?”

Diet culture feeds our obsession with losing weight at all costs. It passes through generations because we buy into the idea that women should look a certain way in order to be desired, respected, and valued. Society teaches women to make themselves smaller in order to be safe and acceptable, instead of creating the space for each of us to thrive as we are.

With conventional dieting, you just can’t win.

Restriction typically leads to bingeing, which leads to more restriction – and you find yourself swinging the pendulum from one extreme of eating past comfort to the other extreme of agonizing hunger.

Conversely, if we learn how to nourish ourselves properly, create a hormonal environment to allow nutrition efforts to succeed, and alter our mindset around food, eating behaviors, and body image, we can work WITH our bodies and minds to ease stress, increase the energy we need to move through our days, and find empowerment and joy in eating.

It is possible to eat until satisfied and feel comfortable in your body. Let me show you how with a tailored approach, which will work with your unique history and circumstances.

If you’re done obsessing about food and want to feel at home in your body, I want you to know that you can.

Nourish your body. Love what you eat. 

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When you don't know where to start with your nutrition, you're left feeling confused and frustrated. At Feast of Green, we create personalized lifestyle plans so you can be comfortable in your body.

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