Banana and Tahini Muffins (Grain-Free!)

Trudging through the cold, windy days of this San Francisco “Fogust”, (and perhaps a little inspired by recently binge-watched episodes of the Great British Bakeoff), I found myself dying to make muffins. These salty-sweet muffins, with banana, tahini, and a hint of ginger, were the result. The recipe is completely grain and gluten-free, but the bananas […]

Summer Sides

It can never hurt to have a few great summer side dishes, which can be whipped up at a moment’s notice for a picnic, BBQ, or whatever other celebrating you’re up to. Inspired by an early morning trip around the San Francisco Ferry Terminal farmer’s market, these dishes were not particularly revolutionary but called on […]

Balsamic Roasted Plum Scones and a Plum Clafoutis

Since tasting (and falling in love with) Siete tortilla chips, I have been dying to do some baking experiments with cassava flour. Market-fresh plums presented the perfect opportunity! Cassava is a South American root vegetable, and its flour can be substituted for all-purpose in a 1:1 ratio to make gluten-free/grain-free treats. I added about 1 teaspoon […]


Hi friends! I wanted to take an opportunity to share what I’ve been doing with every bit of my free time over the past several months. I’ve always found ceramic serving dishes to be incredibly beautiful (they serve as art in my house!), so I began taking classes and have become completely addicted to playing […]

Hiking Cookies

A week ago, I had the opportunity to take a work “off-site” in Sonoma, which was essentially a weekday devoted to playing outside with a group of girls that I absolutely adore. In my experience, hiking requires cookies, and cookies always taste their best on a hike.  We had to have some for our day. […]