Get healthy. For good.

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This time, I’m going to stick with it. (Starting Monday.)


Have you tried every fad diet out there—with disappointing results?


Are you overwhelmed by the list of "bad" foods you're supposed to avoid?


Is your social life suffering because you can't eat out?


Are you tired of feeling misled by diet & wellness "experts"?


Do you feel like food is controlling you, rather than the other way around?


Do you often compare your body and eating habits to others'?

I can help you ditch dieting and get healthy for good.

Hello! I’m Alexandra.

If you’ve been trying to “eat better” for very long, you’ve probably attempted multiple programs. In the process, you’ve likely encountered this common idea: It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.

I happen to agree—but with most fad programs, that “lifestyle” feels terrible. You either obsessively count nutrients, or you restrict calories or food groups. You either drop a ton of money on program foods, or you spend hours prepping meals. You either host all the dinner parties at your place so you can control the menu, or you never see your friends.

Sure, that’s a lifestyle. But who wants it?

As a registered dietitian, I’ve helped hundreds of people—of all shapes and sizes—develop personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans that stickYou’ll love the food you eat and the way you feel. 

Here’s How it Works


1. Schedule a Call

I’ll listen—without judgment—and make sure I understand your unique health needs and goals.


2. Get a Personalized Lifestyle Plan

I’ll coach you through subtle, sustainable changes that bring real results—for good.


3. Feel Confident!

When you make the best choices for your health, you’ll finally feel comfortable in your own body.

Lifestyle plans for every body.

You want to feel better—physically, emotionally, and mentally. You have a general sense that how you feel is connected to what you eat, and you’re willing to make some changes. But you’re discouraged because changes you’ve made in the past just haven’t stuck.

I want you to know you’re not the problem; the diet industry is
the problem.

Trying to follow restrictive plans sets up most people for failure. They feel ashamed when they go off-plan, they feel frustrated when fast results don’t last, and they feel like they’re being held prisoner
by food.

There’s simply no cookie-cutter diet that works for everybody… or every body. But when you follow a personalized nutrition plan designed just for you, amazing things happen:

  • You’ll have the energy to get on the floor and play with your kids or grandkids.
  • You’ll feel comfortable in your own body, so you’ll stop comparing yourself to the Instagram ideal.
  • You’ll enjoy going out with your friends and family again because no foods are “off limits.”
  • You’ll stop obsessing about every calorie and know you’re nourishing your body in the best ways.

You’ll be healthy. For good.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.

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When you don't know where to start with your nutrition, you're left feeling confused and frustrated. At Feast of Green, we create personalized lifestyle plans so you can be comfortable in your body.

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