My name’s Alexandra, and I can help you ditch dieting.

When most people think “dietitian,” they think “Someone who’s going to harp on me about all the stuff I shouldn’t be eating.” 

I’m not that kind of dietitian.

Sure, I have lots of thoughts—backed by science—about what foods do a better job of nourishing our bodies. But I don’t assign moral value to them; there’s no such thing as “bad” food. The truth is, your body is different from your neighbor’s body is different from your coworker’s body is different from my body. That means there’s no one “right” way to eat. Yes, there are “better” ways to eat, but it all depends on you: your unique health needs, your activity level, your goals, and more.

That’s why I offer personalized, one-on-one nutrition counseling. As a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in public health, I help each client discover their “perfect” lifestyle—where optimal health and quality of life intersect. Yes, you can love the way you feel and the food you eat. At the same time! 

You’ll find more thoughts about food and lots of simple recipes you can try at home here.

I Help Women With…

Weight Management

Improved Energy

Hormone Balancing

Female Fertility

Pre & Post Natal Nutrition

Cancer Survivorship

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Ready to feel more comfortable in your body?


1) Schedule a Complimentary Call

I’ll listen—without judgment—and make sure I understand your unique health needs and goals.


2. Get a Personalized Lifestyle Plan

I’ll coach you through subtle, sustainable changes that bring real results—for good.


3) Feel Confident!

When you make the best choices for your health, you’ll finally feel comfortable in your own body.

When you don't know where to start with your nutrition, you're left feeling confused and frustrated. At Feast of Green, we create personalized lifestyle plans so you can be comfortable in your body.

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